Minimalist Style House With Indoor Courtyard Amidst Garden and Peaceful ​ambience -
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Minimalist Style House With Indoor Courtyard Amidst Garden and Peaceful ​ambience

Architects: Lalith Gunadasa Architects
Area : 4025 ft²
Year : 2018
Photographs : Dilanka Bandara

Recently married young couple having a busy life style; engaged in IT field longed for a Modern House where can unwind and enjoy tranquility while maintaining liveliness.


Achieving the client’s demand and responding to the site and context; the design was conceptualized to a thoughtful puzzle of internal rooms and outdoor gardens that together create the illusion of endless spaces on what is,

in reality, in a 14 perch urban plot. The site is situated at Alakeshwara Road, a dense urban residential area in Ethul Kotte, Sri Jayawardenapura.

The house has been planned to two stories, with a total floor area of 4025 square feet and the ground floor consists with two vehicles parking, living area, visitor room, dining, pantry and service area.

By managing a slope of 4 feet from east to west of land, Ground floor spaces placed in small different levels while enhancing the visual inter connection of each activity and rhythmic playfulness of spaces.

Naturally elevated ground level from the road, enhanced the achievement of a maximum level of privacy from outside while retaining a full view of marshy land from the garden as an extending of the view.

The linear narrow entrance, focusing the open to sky centre courtyard, leads to the voluminous opened out living area with large timber and glazed door windows filled with natural light where anyone will feel that nature is brought into inner spaces.

The open to sky centre courtyard; the heart of the house builds interaction between all spaces horizontally and vertically,

while the wooden columns and wooden floor altogether make a warm atmosphere in a modern way while reminding the old Sri Lankan vernacular courtyards.

Straight and pure lines, simple forms, wide opening views and huge volumes with lots of natural light, minimize the distance between the indoor and outdoor.

White painted walls and white terrazzo floors reflect the day light all over the spaces and destroy the compactness while making a tranquil, spacious dwelling.

Without clear boundaries, the integration of the areas like the Dining and Pantry reveal a sequence of spaces combining expansiveness and symbiosis.

The kitchen is located next to the pantry area, hiding the services from visitors. The visitor’s room is located adjoining the living area on the same floor, without disturbing from the common activities on the ground floor.










Credit: ArchDaily