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Exquisite Fairchild Tiny Homes by Viva Collectiv

Who wouldn’t want to live in a quiet little house? Today we will introduce you to ‘Fairchild Tiny Homes by VIVA Collectiv’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The number of tiny houses continues to increase day by day. At the same time, the variety of these houses is increasing. People prefer different types of these houses according to their lifestyles and the conditions of the place where the house will be located. The durability of the houses is one of the most important factors in this regard.

People prefer these houses to get away from the city and to find peace in nature. These houses are in wooded areas, by the sea, by the lake, in your backyard, anywhere that can make you feel happy.


This tiny house with an area of ​​796 sq ft was designed and built by VIVA Collectiv. This house is a little big compared to other tiny houses I’ve seen. The house, which can accommodate 5 people, has been designed in a luxurious way.

Fairchild looks quite different from the outside. When we enter the veranda, the glass paneled front door welcomes us. You must enter through this door to examine the interior of the house.

The interior of the house is designed very luxuriously. Wooden details and the harmony of white color add a different atmosphere to the house. In the center of the house is a high vaulted ceiling, creating roof space on both sides while making the main room feel grand.

The most important feature that makes Fairchild different from other tiny houses is that it is a little big and has several bedrooms and two floors. There’s plenty of room for additional living space upstairs. The kitchen is very spacious and has a modern design. The main living area has a comfortable armchair, fireplace and television.