SCHOOL BUS TRANSFORMED INTO CUTE TINY HOUSE #school #schoolbus #home #tinyhouse -
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SCHOOL BUS TRANSFORMED INTO CUTE TINY HOUSE #school #schoolbus #home #tinyhouse

It’s nice to imagine what a small house has to offer. Today we will introduce you to ‘School Bus Transformed Into Cute Tiny House’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Recently, the demand for tiny houses is increasing day by day and their number is increasing rapidly. This is a great opportunity for those who want to get away from the crowd of the city, relax on weekends or spend their life completely in nature.

Living in a small house can have pros and cons. There are different types of tiny houses. You can check out other houses on our website to find your own dream tiny house.



This perfect tiny house made from a school bus is located in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada. The house is located in a small rural enclave near Sooke, just off the Galloping Goose Trail. The house, which is only 30 minutes’ walk from Victoria, amazes those who see it.

The house is surrounded by virgin forests, beaches, lakes and rivers. Wildlife and natural beauty transform this house into a humble cottage. The outdoor area of ​​the house includes a deck with seating, a barbecue, a hammock in the woods and a private fire pit.

The interior design of the house looks pretty cute. The queen bedroom is darkened with curtains. The kitchen is small but has the necessary equipment for cooking. Opposite the kitchen is a propane fireplace heater. The small countertop work area and sitting area are stylishly designed. At the same time, there is a shower, sink and compost toilet in the house.