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Stunning Red Tiny Cottage in Oklahoma

We continue to discover beautiful and special tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Gorgeous Red Tiny Cottage in Oklahoma’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The trend towards tiny houses has turned into a social movement. People now prefer to simplify, reduce and live with less. People adopt the philosophy of tiny life and the freedom that represents the lifestyle in tiny houses.

Tiny homes can be owned or rented. Whether you can build your tiny house on a foundation or own a tiny house on wheels. Most of these houses are stand-alone structures. Some of these houses are designed and built by the owner, while others are bought.



One of the best examples of farmhouse style and shipyard texture, this tiny cottage was built by an Oklahoma couple. The house looks perfect with its red color exterior finish.

The home’s front porch area represents the cottage at its best. I love this space with rocking chairs. The use of french doors and multiple windows has added a different atmosphere to the house.

When we enter the country house, its rustic structure makes you feel good. With the large windows, it is possible to make the most of the nature light and watch the view. Rustic objects and items used in the interior decor of the house have added a different atmosphere to the house.


The open-plan living area of ​​the house includes the living room and kitchen. The living room has an armchair and a wood burning stove. It keeps the inside of the house warm in winter. At the same time, the ceiling fan at the top helps to provide air circulation. The kitchen is functional and equipped with all necessary equipment. In front of the window is a wonderful farmhouse style sink.


The bedroom with bathroom has a queen size bed. The cabinet with barn doors looks great. Ceiling beams add a different feel to the room. An open door leads to the bathroom. A full-size toilet, shelves, hooks, rustic vanity, shower, washer and dryer make this the perfect bathroom for the family.