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Enchanting Black A-Frame Cabin in the Castkills

We continue to discover beautiful and special tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Charming Black A-Frame Castkills Cabin’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The trend towards tiny houses has turned into a social movement. People now prefer to simplify, reduce and live with less. People adopt the philosophy of tiny life and the freedom that represents the lifestyle in tiny houses.

Tiny homes can be owned or rented. Whether you can build your tiny house on a foundation or own a tiny house on wheels. Most of these houses are stand-alone structures. Some of these houses are designed and built by the owner, while others are bought.



This stunning black A-Frame Cabin is located in Kerhonkson, New York, United States. The cabin, which can be rented through Airbnb, is located on a private two-acre site in the Catskill forests. The cabin was named “NY’s Coolest A-frame” by the New York Post in 2020.

Renovated to be off-grid in the 1960s, this solar-powered cabin is located in a private area. Exterior features include a barbecue grill, fire pit, picnic table, and gazebo. At the same time, there is a small pond and forest view in the backyard.

There is a comfortable deck area at the front of the house. It must be wonderful to listen to the sound of nature in the hammock and watch the scenery here. The exterior of the house has been given a wonderful appearance by black coating.

When we enter the interior of the house, the rustic structure gives us peace. The house is beautifully designed with original wooden ceilings and beams.


The open-plan living area of ​​the house, designed to accommodate 4 people, includes a living room, kitchen and dining table. It should be pleasant to relax by the fireplace in the living room. The house has two full bedrooms and two bathrooms.