Cute a-frame cabin built in 3 weeks perfect for your vacation getaway. #cutecabin #cabin #house -
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Cute a-frame cabin built in 3 weeks perfect for your vacation getaway. #cutecabin #cabin #house

Tiny houses have become a trend in recent years and their numbers are increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to ‘Cute A-Frame Cabin Built in 3 Weeks’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Due to the increase in the number of tiny houses, the demand for small plots or rental land is increasing. People are looking for a different lifestyle to get away from the chaos of the city and to spend peaceful time in nature with their families on weekends. Therefore, the demand for small houses is increasing.

These houses are wherever you want them. In the mountain, by the sea, in the woods, in your backyard, etc. You can build it anywhere that will make you feel peaceful. There are different alternatives for tiny houses. Take a look at other homes on our website to find and build your dream tiny house.



This cute and simple-to-build tiny house was designed by a tiny house builder, Derek Diedricksen. Alla and her husband Garrett built this home on their property in Missoula, Montana. This is the cutest and most functional tiny house I’ve ever seen.

Derek built the house for $1,200, but the couple cut the cost of the project to $700. They were able to achieve this by using recycled materials. At the same time, the construction period of this house took only 3 weeks.

The couple built the house to host their guests. There is a raised veranda at the front of the house for guests to relax on. They can watch the view from this area. At the same time, a hammock has been made among the trees where they can relax.

The wall rising from the house is the best design idea of ​​this house. This wall is made of corrugated plastic which makes it transparent, allowing light to pass through. It’s pretty small inside. There are 2 single beds that can sleep two people. The window on the opposite side opens to the view. There is an outdoor shower and toilet on the outside of the house.

We invite you to share your stories and tiny house photos with us so that together we can inspire the minimalist lives of others’ dreams and strengthen our passion even more.