Rustic Grafton Tiny Cabin: A Cozy Retreat in the Owl's Nest -
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Rustic Grafton Tiny Cabin: A Cozy Retreat in the Owl’s Nest

We continue to discover different and beautiful tiny houses. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Owl Nest Rustic Grafton Tiny Cabin’ suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

A tiny house is a house of different sizes, from 80 square feet to 750 square feet, that can be built on a foundation or built on wheels. These houses offer the opportunity to own a lower cost home for those who face the risk of homelessness in today’s conditions. Tiny houses are cheaper to build and maintain. When built on a caravan, it provides mobility and minimizes environmental impact.

At the individual level, living ‘tiny’ requires us to take a more detailed inventory of our needs. Being small in living space requires careful consideration of every square meter, every desire and every purchase, making the right decision. The strong thing about this is that the tiny house movement gives us multiple different options. Therefore, we need to examine other tiny houses to find our dream tiny house.



Nestled in secluded woods along a creek, this cozy cabin is located in Grafton, Vermont, United States. The house, which can be rented through Airbnb, is located just outside the village of Grafton. Just a short drive from Green Mountain NP, the home is in Vermont’s ski and hiking district.

The location of the house gives peace of mind. It is wonderful to set up a hammock next to the stream and listen to the sound of nature. It also has a fire pit outside.

The house looks quite rustic from the outside. A steep staircase leads to the entrance of the house. It should be enjoyable to enjoy the view in the front patio area. The cabin is made of harvested and ground fir and has a very beautiful appearance.

When we enter the interior of the house, the same rustic environment welcomes us. We feel ourselves to be in nature in the best way possible.

The interior of the house, which allows 2 people to stay, is wonderful. The kitchen has utensils to meet basic cooking needs and a breakfast bar. The living area has a small table, chair, lots of books to read and comfortable places to read them.

The spiral staircase leads upstairs. The comfortable double bed in the bedroom overlooks the view. The bathroom of the house has a standing shower and a composting toilet.