Farmhouse-style Two-storey Hillside House With Gorgeous Waterfront Views -
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Farmhouse-style Two-storey Hillside House With Gorgeous Waterfront Views

Area: 436 sq.m.
Details: 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms

Warm, cozy, and full of rustic charm, farmhouse-style houses can feel like home before you even step through the front door.


These homes were meant for families and were built to be functional above all else, with large open living spaces, expensive (and impressive) kitchens, and acres of outdoor space.

And, because of their minimalist simplicity, farmhouses are essentially a blank canvas that wants you to live your decor dreams.

Though not all farmhouses are found on working farms, they still are usually found on generous parcels of land, and will have plenty of outdoor space.

Porches are an essential design element, which gave farmworkers a place to wipe off their shoes and remove any dirty garments before they entered the house;

True to farmhouses’ non-standardized blueprints, they can feature any number of porches, and are often found in covered, screened-in, and sprawling wraparound styles.

The interior of a farmhouse is modest and no-frills, with lots of exposed wood and little, if any, ornamentation.

At the front of the home the rooms were large and more formal, as they were meant for entertaining family members, business associates, and neighbors. The rooms towards the rear of the home were smaller and more casual living and dining areas.

Arguably the most important room in a traditional farmhouse was the kitchen, and even in modern iterations, this room is large, spacious, and well-equipped.

In older homes, the kitchen may have an adjacent hearth room, an open fireplace, and a storage pantry. Farmhouse kitchens usually have a central island, an amply-sized, wooden cabinetry or open shelving, and room for a large table.