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Discover the Stunning Scandinavian Longhouse Design

We continue to discover magnificent, new tiny houses that are different from each other. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Gorgeous Design Scandinavian Longhouse’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The tiny house idea is spreading rapidly among people and the demand for these houses is increasing day by day. Living in a tiny house is difficult for some and simple for others. It varies according to the lifestyle of the people.

The design of the tiny house is very important. A small area can be brought to a level that can meet all your needs with the right design. For this, you can build your dream tiny house by examining different tiny houses.



Inspired by a Scandinavian house, this house belongs to the couple Matt and Heidi. The couple took care of the design and construction of the house themselves and did an incredible job.

This dazzling tiny house is only 65 m2. Such a compact space has been beautifully designed and made useful. The house looks great from the outside. The area at the front of the house offers a comfortable life outdoors. There is also a bathtub in this area.

The interior of the house is open, spacious and modern. The homeowners used plywood on the walls and added a different feel to this house. At the same time, a large floor-to-ceiling glass is used to ensure the best penetration of daylight into the interior.

The main living area of ​​the house has an open concept living area and kitchen. It looks very relaxing with comfortable seats in the sitting area. The kitchen is the ideal size for this house. Part of the kitchen counter was used as a dining table.


The bedroom has a double bed. The headboard is thought of as a wardrobe. Color tones look very nice in the bathroom. With its black fixtures, stone sink and vanity unit, this space is a wonder.