Absolutely gorgeous 3 x 20ft shipping container house with cost-effective solar energy #tinyhouse #containerhouse #costeffective -
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Absolutely gorgeous 3 x 20ft shipping container house with cost-effective solar energy #tinyhouse #containerhouse #costeffective

We continue to discover new beautiful and unique tiny houses for you, suitable for your tiny house dreams. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Absolutely Gorgeous 3 x 20ft Shipping Container House’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The tiny house movement is an architectural and social movement for people who aim to live a simpler life in a smaller space. Many people think that because a big house has a more specific structure, the cost of living that comes with it is unnecessary and hurts people’s happiness. These people prefer tiny house living to reduce the financial and emotional burden.

Most of the people involved in the tiny house movement are people who are interested in building their own houses. Building your own home is truly an incredibly empowering and fulfilling feeling. Take a look at the other houses on our website to find and build or buy the tiny house of your dreams.



This house is a prime example of how the cold and rigid structure of a shipping container transforms into a warm and welcoming home. This shipping container house in Victoria, Australia is owned by the couple Richard and Amy.

The couple Richard and Amy built this lovely home using three 20 ft shipping containers. The couple had dreams of a home to control their own lives. They decided to build a small shipping container house where they could live their lives the way they wanted without incurring a huge debt load.

Three shipping containers were placed side by side and joined by a corridor connection between them. From the outside, it’s almost hard to imagine the house being built from a shipping container. With the gradual pattern of the house, a beautiful architectural appearance has been given.

Floating roofs on the upper part of the house provide shade for the house, keeping it cool in the summer. The solar panels here meet most of the energy needed by the family. Rainwater is collected from the roof and collected in two large tanks located behind the house.

I can honestly say this shipping container house is the most impressive tiny house I’ve ever seen. The interior of the house includes a fully equipped kitchen with dining table, bathroom, bedroom and living room.