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Small, Two-Flat in the Tiny House Style

The Exterior

Minimalist architecture is gaining popularity. We keep finding more and more of these small homes for you. The “Scandinavian Style Two Tiny House Design” we’ll be showing you today is perfect for your future life of minimalism.

Tiny dwellings are sturdy and useful, and they can provide a comfortable living environment. These dwellings can be relocated anywhere the inhabitants find serenity.


You can be near the water’s edge, surrounded by pristine environment, if that’s what you seek. To fully appreciate the outdoors, bring along as many loved ones as you like.

You won’t want to leave your small house because of the thoughtful layout, sleek design, and convenient amenities it offers. These stunning buildings have a low cost to construction but a high return on investment due to their unique and contemporary design.

Tiny House On Field created this adorable 450-square-meter home in the Scandinavian style. This micro-home was designed with maximum livable space and maximum emphasis on comfort.


This little house is actually made up of two sections, and it looks extremely cute from the outside. The house’s deck area is well designed and quite inviting. A fire pit and a hot tub can be found here.

The Interior
The interior of the house is a paragon of contemporary design. By strategically arranging its furnishings, the home’s interior achieves a balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal. Large and numerous windows give the space a light and airy feel.

The first floor of the house is dedicated to the main living room, which features an open floor plan. The kitchen, dining area, and living room can all be combined here. A restroom is also located here.



The Bedroom
The bedroom is the other room in the house. This space is quiet and set apart from the rest of the house. There’s a double bed and a tub in this space