A little container home of 320 square feet. -
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Home idea

A little container home of 320 square feet.

The Exterior of the home
This small house is 320 square feet and was built out of two 20-foot shipping containers. This compact house is full of useful features and is an excellent option for couples or families with children. Woodnest was the one who conceived of it.

A wonderful layout for people who are looking for a living place that is both attractive and small so that they can simplify their lives. This house’s small size makes it easy to position and relocate it in a variety of settings, including on farms, in rural areas, and even in the middle of cities.


When we get inside the house, we will see that every square centimeter has been thoughtfully crafted to serve a purpose. The available area has been optimized for use and is laid out in the most up-to-date manner possible.