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This Container House Has an Interior Design That Is Connected to the Nature Around It

It often happens to see tiny homes on wheels that look just like normal houses. But it is not so often that these homes are made of shipping containers and put on a trailer. It might be easier to have a container attached to a trailer than to build a wood-dwelling.

But this idea might have some problems that need to be solved. Since the shell is made entirely out of metal, you might have guessed that the interior temperature is hardly influenced by the weather on the outside. The solution a young man called Fabian found for his mobile container home was to have great insulation, a fireplace, a wood burner, and an AC unit.This tiny home has one of the most high-tech interiors I have ever seen. And the combination with the nature-inspired decorations makes it feel like an innovative environmentally-friendly dwelling. But this interior design is not just a happy accident. Fabian’s house is placed on a large lot with a huge garden. This way, the interior looks as if it expands to the exterior.


Fabian is a fan of living tiny and becoming more connected to nature. He has lots of animals around, such as chickens, alpacas, and goats. He also has a plentiful garden, so he can grow his own food and have it as fresh as the grass that grows around the house.

It’s not just the garden that is amazing but also the large front deck. It can accommodate many guests with a few chairs around a table. Cooking outside is also possible since there is a double-burner stovetop on the deck. If the weather outside is not so good, Fabian thought that café blinds would be a good idea. And since a great idea does not come alone, he also added curtains for when the sun is too enthusiastic. The blinds also offer a wonderful view of the rain while still being covered and safe from becoming dampened.

Now, let’s step inside through the main entrance, because yes, there are two. A smaller entrance brings us to a mud room-like area with a wardrobe and space for wet clothes. The main one leads into the living room, which is placed in an open-space area. Not only does it feel spacious because there are no walls, but the headroom is also generous. It gives the impression of much more room than you might think there is when looking from the outside. Anywhere you look, there surely is a plant and lots of natural light. And this is the reason why it feels so connected to nature.

The living room is also used as a dining area and a workspace. It comes with a futon couch that can be used as it is, transformed into a bed, or even separated into two lounge futons. The dinner can be served on the bamboo table. At the same time, Fabian can divide the table into two pieces and also use it to put the laptop on. Movie night is truly awesome with the huge projector above the main entrance.

On the left side, we find the kitchen. Fabian loves cooking, so a big and functional kitchen was necessary. The functionality is given by the gas oven, a large four-burner hub, an apartment-size fridge, and a deep sink. A large kitchen comes with lots of prep areas and storage spots, even a huge pantry and a cabinet for spices. On one side, there are outward opening windows, making the area look like an outdoor bar.

Above the fridge and pantry, there is a loft area filled with plants. This space is used as a meditation and reading room. It comes with two sliding doors that can be opened so that Fabian can enjoy the outdoor weather.

The bathroom is truly unique with a modern aesthetic and layout. All of the fixtures, such as the toilet, shower cabin, and bathroom vanity with a sink are placed in a small area and are separated by a wall. From this area, you can access the bedroom loft via a staircase. The staircase is no less impressive, it holds tons of storage underneath and even a walk-in closet with mirrors.

There might not be room for walking in the loft, but we can forgive this since it is quite cozy. The walls have a fascinating design with fur attached to them. This area is quite dark, making it perfect for sleeping, and there is also another projector in front of the queen-size bed.

The interior and the deck have been built by Fabian himself, and he only bought the container. He spent around $137,000 on this house with everything included. It might sound kind of expensive, but the house measures 33 ft (10 m) in length and 10 ft (3 m) in width, which is quite a nice amount of space. Having such a beautiful and high-tech house in a city could cost a lot. That is the wonderful perk of having a tiny home – not only can you design it yourself, but you can have a place to call yours for so much less than a conventional house.