Immerse Yourself in Nature's Shade: Discover a Modern Family House with Stunning Surroundings -
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Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Shade: Discover a Modern Family House with Stunning Surroundings

Sanctuary House owners are looking for a new, smaller, simpler and more practical home. The family’s children have just left home and will soon be able to retire.

So they bought this small piece of land in Santa Clara County, California, which previously had an old picket fence surrounding the garden and an old house off the driveway. It looked like what they were looking for. However, to your surprise, behind this rough and aged appearance is a large, lush garden.


An oasis in a small town that made them change all their plans. They decided to put it aside from the design of the new house to focus on that fertile garden.

One of the main reasons why clients decide to purchase this historic property is its close proximity to downtown Palo Alto, accessible on foot or by bicycle. On the other hand, they fell in love with the lush garden, so the new house should have a reduced screening area and second floor impact, which is not what they were looking for.

But the garden is definitely more important than a one-story house. The countryside and their neglected features are the ones that interest them the most.
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