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Painting Outdoors or In the Studio

My involvement in painting happened when I originally visited my uncle’s realistic expressions studio, where I took contact with the tempers and brushes just as different materials utilized in that action.

I recollect that the containers of gum based paint originated from Germany and Holland. The gum based paint is a material that is weakened with water, and utilizing a brush is moved to the paper. It is a painting that spreads, appearing differently in relation to watercolor that is straightforward, or the ink that could be.

The oil is a material that spreads also, yet offers an alternate surface and its utilization is more for artworks over canvases. The utilization of the gum based paint was bound for business work.

Furthermore, to my involvement in gum based paint in for the most part business works, I likewise got involvement in oil painting. To be sure, when I was in secondary school, I had the chance to go to an oil painting course, educated by an educator at the School of Fine Arts in Lima, during the school occasions.


In there I took in a great deal from the strategy of oil painting, and uniquely the composition of still life and models that occurred in the school lobbies.

After these underlying encounters, which were as painting in the studio, I could state that my first experience of painting outside was the point at which I went to class painting challenges. In such challenges took an interest all secondary school’s understudies of the city. The coordinators conveyed us to some intriguing square, where for the most part one of the structures was a congregation or the region neighborhood. The material that we utilized was oil painting on an unbending cardboard base. A few members utilized shoe clean as a paint. The champs of the challenge got prizes and certificates.

At one time I leased a room in my auntie’s home and there I worked many oil artistic creations. I had figured out how to set up the canvases and that made my work simpler and increasingly affordable.

Scarcely any years prior I turned out to be progressively inspired by watercolor painting. I previously had involvement in such material, however I believe that in the wake of seeing crafted by watercolor craftsmen in the craftsmanship salons that were composed in my city, I felt a craving to become familiar with this system and started to paint with it.

I chose to do a few watercolors outside and for that I searched for landscape outside the city. Landscape with fields, trees, waterways and blue sky. Moreover it’s significant a bright atmosphere, on the grounds that so as to paint outside is prudent a radiant day, as there are lights and shadows that differentiation the work of art. The best time to paint outside is to do it previously or evening, in light of the fact that in those hours the shadows are vastly improved refreshing.

As a matter of fact, painting outside is actually a charming encounter and it’s more when you accomplish a decent artwork, as it’s equivalent to winning a test. It’s fitting to take an easel and a lawn seat, in spite of the fact that in the field you can discover some place to sit. The easel must be upheld with a weight, which can be a stone that swings from it. This is done with the goal that no undesirable breeze will pull it down.

The paper must be recently stuck to a wooden base, yet you can likewise utilize watercolor obstructs whose sides are stuck.

Moreover, you have to think about that painting an open air watercolor is a procedure that must be executed rapidly, as the daylight changes quickly and there might be variety in hues, in spite of the fact that less in structures, aside from when you are painting creatures like dairy cattle, steeds or feathered creatures.